Customer service has always seemed hit or miss to me – but mostly miss. Recently I have been looking to make a change in our internet service provider. It’s amazing how competitive people get when you are calling to cancel. But why do they wait until you call to cancel? Why not work to keep the customers you have as well as the customers you want to gain?

Today, we had a great experience with a new provider. The service was not working because of an issue in our house. We told them that we were unwilling to pay $80 to fix the problem and that we would just cancel with them and keep our current provider. The response: NO WAY! The on-site representative came inside, fixed the issue for free and said, “I’m not going to let you leave us.” WOW!

Customer service really is a challenge – as you grow, it’s hard to offer the same things at new levels. I think it will always be a challenge.

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