Last week I had the chance to host a webinar with Anthony Coppedge of Fellowship Technologies entitled, “Do You Really Know Your Congegration?” You can listen to it HERE. I began with the premise that in ministry, we have entered a stage where numbers are linked to arrogance or bragging. But numbers (really) matter and can help your church create right strategies to accomplish your mission and fulfill your vision and values.

For instance, numbers tell you something about the health of your church in many areas. Let’s say your church values community for spiritual formation through home small groups. If you begin seeing decreasing numbers of people attending those groups, then the numbers may point to the fact that people are not experiencing spiritual growth in that context. However, at the same time, increasing numbers may not point to spiritual formation. Only more focused analysis could answer that question.

Numbers point us in the right direction for more analysis to change, tweak or create new strategies. And yes, some people arrogantly point to numbers to help their self-esteem. But, that does not make all numbers bad.

So, really analyze the numbers in your ministry context. Seek more information where needed. Improve or change strategies where needed. But, don’t ignore the number – they really matter.

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