The church is in a bit of a leadership crisis – some might even describe it as chaos. Some churches are welcoming the chaos and thriving while others are rejecting it and declining. No matter what your take, there is a crisis in the church.

Last week I was reminded that crisis can be a good thing. In the Gospels, Jesus’ entrance into the religious world created a major crisis or chaos. Jesus challenged the status quo of the religious leaders of His day and destroyed religion as it existed. In turn, He set up a new order – one based upon obedience, faith and grace – instead of works and legalism.

The thought hit me: Sometimes God does His best work when we are in a crisis.

People are more willing to listen when they are in crisis. People are more responsive when crisis hits. Often, people change because of crisis.

So, I’m praying that the church will recognize the current crisis and respond by listening and changing. There’s a great opportunity to see major shift that will impact the world in a whole new way.

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