One of the challenges ministries are facing today is the rapid pace in which the culture of ministry is changing. We’ve noticed that lots of things are changing – some driven by the economy and some driven by a greater desire for stewardship. One area that I see the ministry equation changing is in the area of staffing. In the past, we worked with this equation:

Current Expectations + Added Staff = Greater Output

Churches often believed that new staff had to be added to achieve greater output. But today, churches are facing budget crunches that are forcing new thoughts that affect staffing. The equation today looks more like this:

Increased Expectations = Greater Volunteer Involvement + Possible Staff Hires

In our ministry context, we committed not to hire any new staff members in 2011, but to develop the staff that we have into greater leaders. As we look at hiring in the future, we will likely evaluate the level of volunteer involvement and how an added staff position will increase ministry expectations – instead of just adding staff believing that expectations and output will increase.

What are other equations in ministry that you see changing in the 21st Century?

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