There are few times in life that we get a do-over: a chance to make a significant change or correct a problem. In leadership, do-over’s seem few and far between. But, when they come, make sure that you take advantage of them.

In 2004, we were facing a budget constraint related to debt. In order to “right” the budget, we were looking for areas to decrease the budget. Everyone was on board with the process. As we analyzed the budget we realized that our cell phone charges were getting out of control. You see, in 2002, we had given everyone on staff a cell phone – with no parameters. It was the days of Direct Connect, and everyone was supposed to use that feature of the phone that did not charge minutes. Unfortunately it did not work well and everyone resorted to just making calls to each other. The result: majorly inflated phone bills. It was out of control (that was still a time of bad phone plans and .40 cents/minute overage charges).

But we got a do-over. That year we canceled all cell phones and everyone on staff bought their own phone and plan. We eliminated a major expense in the budget. Fast forward 5 years. In 2009, we reinstated a plan for cell phones, this time opting for personal reimbursement over church provided phones. It has resulted in major savings and a controllable situation.

When you get a do-over, thing strategically about the future. Those opportunities do not come around often!

Where do you need to take advantage of a do-over in your ministry?

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