Yesterday I heard from Aaron Goin, our Faith Promise CFO that we will likely miss one of our financial goals from 2010. The goal was to increase our budget giving by 15% for the year to fulfill our budget increase. It appears that we will miss that goal by $64,000. However, sometimes missing a goal still creates a HUGE win. Here’s why:

In 2010:

  • We missed giving on 3 weekends – 2x due to weather and 1x by choice on July 4th. Our budget was based on 52 weeks, but we only met for 49 weekends!
  • We took a $1.15 million dollar offering (CASH) in one weekend. This was the largest single offering ever given in church history.
  • Our giving units increased by 110 families. Those families are now giving consistently to the work at FPC.

Sometimes, if you just look at the numbers, a missed goal looks like a loss. In your ministry, look past the visible numbers to see what is really happening organizationally. We could be discouraged by missing a goal instead of praising God for what He has done!

Look for future posts on how we continually have been able to increase giving by an average of 18% per year.

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