Last week I had the chance to share with 10 Executive Pastor’s from churches all over the south and east. It was a part of a one day experience hosted by Casey Graham of The Change Group. What an incredible time with some great guys including Ron Edmondson and David Putman.

I shared the one thing that you need to gain your Pastor’s trust – Wisdom. In 1 Kings 3:7, Solomon says:

Yet I am just a youth with no experience in leadership. (HCSB)

Solomon goes on to ask God for wisdom. The word in the Old Testament has 5 meanings.

  • Wisdom in Battle – For Solomon, he needed to lead the army. For you, there is a spiritual battle you need to be prepared for!
  • Wisdom in Administration – Solomon was known for his use of resources. Build a great team and finance your pastor and staff’s vision.
  • Wisdom in Spiritual Matters – XP’s should be spiritual. No matter what, lead spiritually. Make sure that your team knows that you love God more than anything else.
  • Wisdom in Ethics – make right decisions.
  • Shrewdness – the word means “sharp in practical matters.”

Senior Pastor’s, hire a wise Executive Pastor. Executive Pastor’s – ask God for His wisdom. It worked for Solomon!

If you would like the notes, leave a comment and I’ll email them to you.

  1. Ron Edmondson on Sunday 15, 2010

    It was great spending time with you. Faith Promise is a blessed church to have you leading!


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