Last week I met with Damien Gerke with the Malphurs Group and it was a great time of learning. While we were together, he made a statement that went something like this:

The problem in the US is that we have individual churches sharing the Gospel instead of churches linking together to create a movement of the Gospel.

His words have been bouncing around in the void known as my mind for days!

Think about this – If the approximate 400,000 churches in the United States reached out to 750 people each, we could effectively tell each person about God’s love and create a movement for the Gospel in America. (For the math deficient, 400,000 churches * 750 people = 300,000,000 people – the approximate population of the US)

Some churches can do more – others can do less. BUT, we all can do something.

My question: How can we effectively link churches together in our country and world to create a movement for Christ?

  1. Greg MacMillan on Tuesday 27, 2010

    In my opinion the biggest issue holding back a cooperative movement is division on open handed beliefs.

    If we could put aside the issues that cloud the spreading of the gospel, then we could see a real movement. Do not get me wrong I am all for proper doctrine, but the issues that cause division aside from heresy are just menial road blocks for the advancement of the Kingdom.

    I am not a ‘Negative Nancy’, but as long as mankind is involved we will find reason after reason to quarrel – We present the gospel this way, not that way, you are dressed of the world…etc etc. It is a shame we can not just come together on close handed doctrinal beliefs and move forward together and accept each others debatable differences.

    Whether you believe in “once saved always saved” or you believe salvation can be lost, someone still needs to pick up the phone and call so & so if they are drifting away from Christ; we need to love them and be Jesus to them. It is about reconciliation, the whole point of the gospel.

    We are image bearers of Christ and need to focus on reconciliation, not trivial things. The entire gospel is about reconciliation, yet we can not reconcile ourselves as believers because of pride.

    I will step off my soapbox now and pray for movement in this direction, our God is bigger than these issues and will overcome them. We just have to let Him in our own lives or get out of His way!!!

    How He loves,

    The gospel is what it is about and I for one

  2. Greg MacMillan on Tuesday 27, 2010

    Not sure what that last sentence is doing there, please ignore…lol


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