There’s been a ton of negative criticism surrounding British Petroleum and the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. It’s obviously a horrible disaster that is affecting tons of people, wildlife and the environment.

What has amazed me about the oil spill has been church leaders’ criticism of BP’s leadership through a crisis – particularly on Twitter. Honestly, the churches response to the culture seems a lot like BP’s response to the oil spill. Think about this:

  • BP has been seen as slow to react. The church has been much slower to react, holding on to out of date methods while forsaking it’s incredible Message of Christ.
  • BP knew there were problems and failed to respond. The church has known they have problems for years and has done nothing about it.
  • BP’s president said he was “out of the loop on decisions.” Church leaders have continued to “be out of the loop” and blamed it on the unwillingness of people to change or the control of denominations.

The major difference between the church and BP – BP’s president apologized, saying, “I am so devastated with this accident…deeply sorry…so distraught” while the church continues to prove their lack of care for the culture by modeling a lack of unity and no desire to reach people in new ways.

Did BP make mistakes? Probably more than we will ever know. Has their response been slow? Maybe so.

But what about the church? Why are we as church leaders so quick to point fingers instead of focusing on our own problems?

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