I was talking to my friend, Lisa Parillo of Caliper Corporation, and she said:

Most people believe they are good listeners because of the words they hear. But, listening goes way beyond the words people say.

Honestly, at that moment I picked up my pen and began writing. It was just a great reminder that other nonverbal cues give us great insight into people.

So, when you are talking, you should not only listen with your ears to their words, but…

  • Body Language
  • Voice Inflections
  • Tone of voice

Most of the time, words say less than the other things being communicated. One way to realize nonverbal behaviors is to recognize your own. For instance, if we disagree, my heart will race, my foot will tap and my voice will get louder and higher. You cannot see people’s words, but you can see and experience their nonverbal cues.

Have you just listened to people’s words? If so, you are probably only “hearing” about 25% of what is being said.

Listen beyond the words.

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