Last week I was talking to my friend and Executive Coach, Dan Novak. He gave me what appeared at the moment some of the strangest advice that I had received –

Be inefficient and out of your comfort zone.

If there are two things that I would put on a list to accomplish, those would not make it into the top 100. However, his point was well taken. For those of you who are Type A’s, inefficiency is not in our vocabulary. However, sometimes to learn new things or to break bad habits, it requires us to lean towards inefficiency or just be inefficient. Here’s what that looks like for me:

  • Not always giving an answer
  • Learning to ask questions
  • Allowing a decision to be made that is not “my” decision

I’m certain that there are other things that I need to consider. What are some areas you need to be inefficient in?

  1. Jonathan Howes on Monday 14, 2010

    Office hours

  2. Kyle on Monday 14, 2010

    Nice photo for the post! 🙂

    I think that the concept (and command) of Sabbath is similar as well. We need time to rest. In that context, our “unproductivity” is pleasing to God.

  3. Dan on Monday 14, 2010

    Hey Kyle, good point. When we say “inefficient,’ what do “we value” and what are we measuring?

    I measure my efficiency by pushing my body to the limits [sleep deprivation] and by sneaking in some work-work on Sunday [all aft and eve].

    Yet my body values sleep and a day of rest every seven days [imagine that!] My body is inefficient without that sleep and rest.

    As you said, God values our obedience and our worship, especially a full day a week.


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