Recently, I’ve been reminded of the phone calls that used to plague my life. As Faith Promise was growing in the early days, I would call churches and ask to speak to their Executive Pastor. They were obviously churches that were larger than us at the time. In attempting to connect with ministry leaders, the reactions or comments were often the same: unreturned emails and phone calls, suggestions to catch them at their next conference or advice to learn from them by reading their blog.

Now, let’s state the obvious: everyone is busy. Everyone has a little more on their plate than they should.

So, what do we do about the problem? I’d like to propose some answers.

  • Everyone wants to talk to the most successful people. Obviously, their are some people who may be too busy to field a phone call. Instead of asking others to read your blog or just not responding, how about providing a list of others who have seen great success in their roles and may be more helpful because they are more like the ministry or person seeking advice? It takes time, but it is helpful in the Kingdom. Churches really are in desperate need for help. Instead of, “Just read my blog,” lets say, “Can I introduce you to….”

  • Make your minimum response a list of resources. Everyone has resources that they have used, books that they have read or conferences they have attended that have helped them. Why not take a few minutes, compile that information, and have it available to send out. Instead of, “Just read my blog,” lets say, “Let me send you a list of resources that were helpful to me.”

  • Do your best to respond to all messages. At this point, I will give anyone a 30-minute phone call. I prefer that over answering questions via email. After the initial call, I normally send a follow-up email with resources or point the person in a different direction that will be more helpful. Even one of the busiest guys, Michael Hyatt, CEO of Thomas Nelson, has replied to every email I have sent to him. Thanks Michael. Instead of replying, “Just read my blog,” lets say, “I can give you __-minutes on the phone.”

Church leaders need more help today than ever before. If God has blessed you with the ability to help, lend a personal hand. Touch the people who reach out to you. It will make a difference in their lives and in His Kingdom.

  1. Jeff on Wednesday 19, 2010

    This really applies to a lot of other areas too (business, small group, you name it..). Great thoughts.


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