Over and over again I am convinced that the Team at Faith Promise is one of the best in the country. Last week we were on our family vacation. It is a week that I disengage from email, the blog and work in general. AND, everything keeps going.

So, here are some thoughts on how you can know if you have a great team.

  • No one calls or emails you while you are away. Everyone is clear of their role on the team, and they do not need your input on every decision they are making. Are your team roles clear or is the team dependent on you?

  • Greater things happen when are gone. Last weekend (Mother’s Day), we baptized 110 adults, more than any other weekend in Faith Promise’s history. Do greater things happen when you are away, or does everything hinge on you being there?

  • Your office keeps running. My assistant, Marti, never misses a beat when I am out. She follows up with anything that comes in and makes the needed decisions or passes things on to others for decisions to be made. Does your assistant work while you are away, or wait for you to return for instruction?

  • Big decisions are made or furthered. While I was away, major progress was made on our Blount County Campus. Our Campus Pastor, Wayne Burress was moving it forward each day. He gave me an update today. Can your staff make decisions or further them while you are out of the office?
  • You’re not worried & rest while you are away. Honestly, I never worry while I am away. We have the best people in the right places able to make great decisions.

Seriously consider this: Are you building a great team, or are you building a team dependent upon you? That will make you feel very important and needed, but it will hinder all that God can do through you for His Kingdom in the future.

Do you have a great team?

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