For several months, we knew we had a problem. Every week it took 35-40 minutes to unload our parking lot during the prime times on Sunday. As we reached more people, the problem became more and more obvious. Take a look:

Our road, Faith Promise Lane, joins Horseshoe Bend Lane, which only had one lane to turn in and one lane to turn out (on to a major highway with speeds of 70mph + in a posted 55mph). It created a mess each week.

We hired a firm to study our traffic problems (~$2,000) and make recommendations. They found a couple of major problems:

  • We had to be able to “queue” more cars at one time
  • We had to have multiple lanes from the entrance all the way to our property
  • We had to change our level of service from poor to good

Two weeks ago, the proposed construction was completed. The result: unload time was 10 minutes at the largest service time. That’s a major improvement!

Don’t let anything hold you back from accomplishing all that God wants to do in your church! Study every problem and follow His leading to the solution.

What’s holding your church back?

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