Last night I had the chance to share with the staff teams at our retreat some thoughts that God has put on my heart about distractions in ministry. My thought: People are likely the #1 distraction for church staff members. That’s right – people. However, that was not Jesus’ perspective.

Where we see people as distractions, Jesus saw them as opportunities.

That’s right. Jesus saw them as the opportunity to serve, heal and give witness to His Father. However, we get so focused on the tasks that we forget about the balance of relationships.

So, I shared 3 prayers that I am praying for our teams out of Matthew 9:36-38.

1. I’m praying they’ll have Jesus’ eyes.

  • Jesus focused on the people, not the processes. Processes are important, but ministry is about the people.

2. I’m praying they’ll have Jesus’ heart.

  • Jesus had compassion – he got so sick at their state that he was moved to do something about their need.

3. I’m praying they’ll trust Jesus answer.

  • Jesus said he would provide the workers to reach His people.
  • We get overwhelmed in the harvest because we put our faith in fixes instead of the Father.

People become a distraction because we need them to do what we need instead of listening to their needs and doing ministry together.

I’m praying you will keep from getting distracted.

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