Yesterday at our staff retreat, Dr. Dan Novak led our guys in an incredible discussion on the tension between the “tasks” of ministry and the “relational” components of ministry. If you have been in ministry for any length of time you will recognize that every week there are tasks that have to be accomplished while relational opportunities are always available. Some days it is a major question of, “Do I accomplish my job?” or “Do I go to take care of relationships?”

He made a great statement that got my attention:

Always do tasks with a relational component.

His explanation – in ministry you should almost never do anything alone or without a relational perspective. So, any time that you can mentor someone or do a task while building a relationship, DO IT. There are so many other thoughts for those who put tasks over relationships and those who put relationships over tasks. There needs to be a definite balance between the two if you will do your job effectively.

Which do you struggle with – focusing to much on tasks or to much on relationships?

  1. Marty Stooksbury on Tuesday 20, 2010

    Whew good post…! My struggle – a lot of time in relationships, I love to be around people… Lord help me to get the right balance!


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