A lot of the leadership lessons learned happen because of the negative circumstances that have surrounded situations that we have encountered over the years. Although these issues were painful at times, the experience gained has helped grow and develop many staff and volunteers at Faith Promise.

So, I made an “I would never…” list. Here you go:

  • I would never…hire against evaluation tools or the counsel of those I trust. So often I have second guessed the tools or those around me, and that has NEVER worked out. Have a process for evaluating and hiring staff and commit to stick to it!
  • I would never…build a church building solely based on an architects opinion. I have nothing against architects, but not all architects understand the complexities of a church. Hallways, stairwells, restrooms, parking lots, etc that are built to code will haunt you in the future. Enlist someone who has led a growing church or built growing churches before you build that designed building.
  • I would never…completely trust the references. Unless you know the reference personally, feel sure that you may not be getting the whole truth. In ministry where so many people dislike each other privately but everyone says that each other is great publicly, references are almost worthless.
  • I would never…ask for everyone’s opinion in regard to websites, advertising, logos, sermon graphics, etc. In these things (and many others), you will get as many opinions as people you ask. Enlist a small, diverse group for feedback and then make a decision. You save a lot of time and have less frustrated people.
  • I would never…say “no” for a potential staff hire or volunteer. Several of our latest staff hires would have been people that I dismissed as “there’s no way that God could really do this.” AND. HE. DID. Every day volunteers and critical staff are missed because no one asked them. Give them the chance to say no and if they do, don’t quit asking when God prompts.
  • I would never…work somewhere that I did not want to live the vision or serve the Senior Pastor. If the vision does not keep you up at night or get you out of bed in the morning, leave. And, if you cannot be a servant to the Senior Pastor (or other staff), it’s probably not the place for you.

So, you get the point. Now, what would you add to my “I would never…” list?

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