It’s getting late. It’s bedtime…again. You are standing at a crossroads. It’s the same crossroads that every other parent stands at each night, but you don’t know that. The crossroads: either weeping and gnashing of teeth during the bedtime routine or a quiet, peaceful, simple routine. BUT, you never know which it will be.

As parents, we often believe that we’re not normal. We believe that everyone else has it figured out – that their kids never have meltdowns or cry and wail why walking out of Target. But, we’ve all experienced it at some point. We’ve all walked through the tears of leaving the toy aisle or the McDonald’s drive-thru.

The problem: we’re not transparent enough to tell the stories and learn from others. We try to put on the front that everything is perfect – that we have it all together.

So, if you have kids, share a story of a parenting failure with someone today. Help them realize that they are normal and when they share their story, you will realize you’re probably normal as well.

  1. Julie on Thursday 18, 2010

    So what was your meltdown today then???? Just kidding. It was a leading blog and I couldn’t resist.


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