There is one thing that never ceases to amaze me: churches build beautiful buildings with small parking lots. For so many churches, your impact is not being limited by your style of church. Your impact is being limited by the size of your parking lot!

A few years ago we had that problem. There were 411 parking spots on campus, and we knew that our attendance was being limited by our amount of parking. So, we decided to build a “Black Friday” parking lot (we added 364 parking spots for a total of 775 spots). Everyone knows that Black Friday is the largest shopping day of the year. Stores like Wal-Mart build their parking lot for Black Friday (the parking lot will never be full at any other time of the year). As a church, your Black Friday is Easter (or your largest weekend each year). As you approach Easter weekend, do you have enough parking? Consider this:

Total Service Attendance (kids & adults on campus) / # Cars in Parking Lot = Average Attendees per Car

So, at Faith Promise, we have found that our Average Attendees per Car is 2. With 775 parking spots, we can never exceed 1500 in total worship attendance per service. However, you should tithe your total parking for transitions between services. So, with 700 parking spots, we can never exceed 1400 in total worship attendance at a service. And guess what: we have never exceeded 1400 in a service (we have 1,050 seats in our main worship center).

Here’s your action: next weekend, count people and cars! Then, create a plan for more parking on Easter Weekend and add spaces BEFORE next Easter!

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