You may not have realized it, but there are really only 3 types of people that enter your offices every day. A friend sent me a graph that showed the people – here’s the list:

  • Engaged
  • Partially Engaged
  • Unengaged

If you are like me, your first thought is to be okay with the first 2 groups. We all want to keep the engaged people (and hire more of them) and if you are partially engaged, at least you are not unengaged. However, my friend led me through a process where I arrived at this thought:

I do not want anyone sitting idle and partially engaged. I either want them moving to the engaged status or moving to the unengaged status. If we can help people see that they are unengaged, then we can help the find a new place that will help them meet their dreams.

The most dangerous place for people to be in your organization is “partially engaged.” They have not bought in and they have not decided to leave. They are just existing in your organization trying to decide if they will engage or leave.

Instead of getting frustrated, help them. That will help the organization as well.

What do you think?

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