I was challenged recently with this statement:

Don’t say, ‘I’m not a good listener.’ Just tell the truth and say, ‘I don’t value what you have to say.’


So often I have the tendency to tell people that I am not a good listener. Like others at times, I like to update my imperfections and sins by giving them a better name.

Instead of not valuing what people have to say at times, I should:

  • Remember that another persons feedback can make a good idea a great idea.
  • Remember that just listening adds value to others – people love to be heard.
  • Remember that a team is compelled by a great vision and strengthened by listening.

What about you? Do you struggle to listen to others at times?

  1. Myron Mullins on Thursday 4, 2010

    Sorry, what was it you said?

  2. Josh on Thursday 4, 2010



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