This past Friday morning, Madison, my soon-to-be 3-yr old, and I went on our weekly MiMi’s breakfast date. We call it Princess Fridays because we spend our time playing her favorite Disney Princess game (yes, I did just link to the Disney Princess web page) and talking about the ways that a Prince should treat a Princess. Sometimes we even bring along the Prince and Princess figures.

Why do this? Isn’t she only 3? In our home, we believe that building the foundation for our kids future began 10 months before they entered the world. We want them to understand who God is, His plan and purpose for their lives, and how they can best serve Him. One huge part of that will be who you marry. So, we talk about how the Prince treats the Princess to lay the foundation for the future.

If you are not discipling your kids and teaching them about the wisdom they will need for the future now, get busy! Kim’s mom tells us that you only have your kids for 3 periods of 5 years, so use that time wisely. One of ours will be 5 in April. We’re a third of the way there!

How do you disciple your kiddos?

  1. Rick Clevenger on Sunday 21, 2010

    Joshua, I have done this as well since my daughter was very young. She is now 18 and will be leaving for college soon. Just some encouragement, the payoff is so worth it!

  2. Adam McChesney on Sunday 21, 2010

    Love this, Josh. Great work.

    – Adam


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