In the past 5 years as Executive Pastor at Faith Promise Church, I have learned a lot of things. For instance, the Fire Marshall is always difficult to work with, no matter where you live. The cost of building is always more than you think it will be. There will be seasons of staff entering the ministry of your church and seasons where they depart. The list could go on for days.

However, I have learned one thing over and over again: I can trust my pastor. Chris Stephens, the Senior Pastor of Faith Promise, is a great friend and confidant. Yesterday, he shared with the church that I often push him and challenge him in areas, and I do. But, I want you to see another perspective: he allows me to push him and challenge him. Several years ago I was sharing with another Senior Pastor about Chris’ willingness to let me challenge him. That pastor’s reply: if someone on my staff challenges me, they will probably not be on my staff for very long. What a leadership tragedy.

So my question for you pastor’s: can your staff trust you? Here are a few ways that Chris has earned my trust.

  • He has always held Scripture as the highest authority. One time I worked for a Pastor who quoted from the “1st Book of Momma” more than the Bible. My pastor has never shied away from issues confronted by the Bible. He always deals with things from God’s perspective.
  • He has allowed me to read his journal. A few years ago God was telling us to do something as a church. It became obvious of the direction and as we looked to make the necessary changes, Chris handed me his journal. For months he had journaled daily that God would reveal Himself in the situation. He showed me in his journal (after we made the decision) where God had spoken to him days before we made the decision about the direction. What a huge trust builder!
  • He shares his God-moments, publicly. My pastor is always talking to me about what God taught him in his quiet time. This past weekend, he shared with with the church an area where God had convicted him. He had already shared that area with me, but he didn’t stop there. He told everyone. Do you have God-moments to share? Do you share them?
  • He NEVER publicly contradicts my leadership. NEVER. He has talked to me behind closed doors about things that he would do differently. We have agreed to disagree about things he would change that we have not changed. He has wanted to hire staff that we did not hire because I did not feel like they were the right people. BUT, he has never publicly contradicted me in an area where I am leading. WOW – this is huge!

The list could go on, but the real question is: Are you a pastor who can be trusted? My pastor has proven to be trustworthy. He has my back, he supports my leadership, and most importantly, he is a spiritual leader in my life.

  1. Ida on Monday 15, 2010

    Thank you for sharing this. I rejoice in the relationship you have with PC. The transparency is appreciated. From you both.


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