It’s obvious that no amount of education can prepare you for everything that you will encounter in the “real” world. The more that I am in the church world, the more I realize that seminary has that same problem. Honestly, it has to be one of the reasons why many pastors struggle in ministry. They feel forced to be experts in areas that they have never been trained. Here are some areas that I have experienced this.

  • Staffing: I never had a class on identifying church staff, but MinisterSearch can do that for you and save you lots of time and heartache from bad decisions.
  • Human Resources: when you are letting someone go, HR is important. Although you have probably never had a class in HR, someone like The Church Law Group can help you.
  • Church Buildings: how many pastors constructed a building before they entered ministry? My guess – not many! Even though you haven’t built a building, people like the folks at MG&A can help you overcome the building obstacles.
  • Church Calendar Management: although I never created a program to schedule church calendars and resources, I found a simple, great program that did. The folks at ServiceU can help you do that and so much more.
  • Database Administration: I have a love/hate relationship with computers. When I was in Seminary, computers were just coming into existence on the “personal” level. So, I was never taught a way to keep up with the people and their giving that came to my church. However, the people at Fellowship Technologies can help you with that.
  • Finances: most people stink at this area! But, Intacct can help you take your church finances to a whole new level.

There are tons of other resources that we used each day in areas that Seminary never prepared me for. If you have a question about an area not mentioned, let me know.

  1. Mayce Nanny on Monday 1, 2010

    Thanks so much for the great insight and Fellowship Technologies appreciates the shout out! We love to hear that what we’re doing is helping out.

  2. Jonathan Howes on Monday 1, 2010

    I am refraining from making any comment about all the time spent in Hebrew classwork and how much or little it has helped me in ministry in the “real” world.

  3. Chris Hill on Monday 1, 2010

    I hear these converesations a lot when I’m around ministry leaders. Which leads me to wonder why most churches still require it as a prerequisite when searching for staff.

    Maybe it would help me understand the value of seminary if I read a post about what people learned from it……or…..does the value lie in the mere completion of seminary to diversify one’s career opportunities?

  4. Chris Hill on Monday 1, 2010

    )*conversations) rather.

    Spelling: What a public education didn’t prepare me for. 😉


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