This weekend I thought a lot about the church that my kids are growing up a part of. It’s a lot different than the church that I grew up in.

Zoar Baptist Church

So, here are some of the things that hit me today that my kiddos will never know as a part of the church that I knew:

  • They will never hear an offertory song (lucky dogs)
  • They will never attend church training, youth choir or Sunday night church
  • They will likely never attend a business meeting, much less a monthly one
  • They will never vote on a budget
  • They will never attend “dinner on the grounds”
  • They will never hear about “the” deacons meeting (we do not have deacons or their meetings)
  • They will never tithe with a check
  • They will never sing from a Hymnal
  • They will never wonder why the pastors sit in special chairs on the stage
  • They will never know a time without multiple worship services
  • They will never see a choir robe
  • They will think that Saturday night is a “normal” church service time

My kiddos attend a church that I always dreamed of but never thought I would be a part of. I’m not knocking any church – some are just very different than the church my kids attend.

What are the differences that you remember about church you grew up in and the church you attend today?

  1. Chris Hill on Sunday 24, 2010

    Church is definitely different than what I remember as well.

    I desperately hope that one thing will be the same, though.

    In the midst of the choir robes, hymnals, the doxology, & deacons and their meetings, God called me to Him in that place. I pray God will do the same for my daughter; no matter what human elements surround her in her own church experience.

  2. Josh on Sunday 24, 2010

    @Chris – great thoughts. It’s about meeting God at the end of the day, and I hope wherever we are we make that easier for my kiddos.


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