Sometimes things happen that do not really make sense.That happened this past summer.

Lindsey wasn’t feeling all that well and it was time to leave for our Kids Camp. Her mom took her to the doctor for a migraine and he prescribed some medicine. She made her way to camp but couldn’t shake the headache. After spending a day with the nurse, she went back home and made another trip to the doctor.

This time things got more serious. It led to an MRI and other tests which uncovered an AVM (arteriovenous malformation) – a group of veins and blood vessels that connect in the brain and cause problems.

After tons of consultation, Lindsey has surgery to correct the problem this Wednesday, January 20. It’s very serious and very scary for her and her family (and her friends). Rest assured: they are a strong family of faith and they know that God is in control. Her mom is on our staff team as well.

Will you join me in asking Him for a miracle – will you pray for Lindsey this week?

You can leave her a note here.

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