A few months ago I had the chance to talk to Gina McClain. Honestly, I called to get the inside scoop on the best childrens ministry leaders in America. At the end of an awesome conversation, it was time to take a risk. I really did not plan on it when we began the conversation. My question:

Would you consider coming on staff at Faith Promise?

We agreed to take the next steps, pray, and after a few months, it is my privilege to say that Gina will be coming on staff as our Director of Children’s Ministries. From her blog:

Gina is a speaker, teacher and writer.  Her marriage to Kyle McClain keeps her marginally sane while their 3 kids (Keegan , Josie and Connor) keep her from taking herself too seriously.  Her driving motivator is to lead Christ-followers to embrace and foster ministry in their home.

Gina and Kyle, we can’t wait to get you guys to Knoxville! It has been a joy getting to know you. (You can read Gina’s thoughts on the move to Knoxville here.)

Chuck, thanks for leading the search and developing an incredible Family Ministries team.

Bob, thanks for the introduction to Gina.

  1. Sam on Friday 15, 2010

    Gina is amazing you guys are blessed to have her on your team!

  2. Anne Jackson on Friday 15, 2010

    shut the front door – i LOVE gina!!!!!!!!! she was my girl at LC! well, not my girl….but…shut the front door!!!!!

  3. Josh on Friday 15, 2010

    @Sam – thanks! I agree.

    @Anne – it’s such a small world!

  4. Jonathan Howes on Friday 15, 2010

    looks like your building a dream team and Faith Promise…glory to God


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