By now, you have probably thought about making some resolutions for 2010. And, you are probably thinking about the same things that you have thought in previous years – losing weight, creating a budget to curb overspending, praying more or being more compassionate. Honestly, you can look back over the past few years and see that you have made resolutions, but very little has changed in your life. You are still struggling with your weight, overspending and spending little time in prayer. So, maybe you should try something new.

Although they are from the same root word, there is a huge difference between resolutions and resolve. Take a look:

Resolution: noun. a formal expression of opinion or intention made.

Resolve: verb. to come to a definite or earnest decision about; determine (to do something)

If you read the definitions of resolution, you have to use the word resolve to give it any forceful meaning. Resolutions are made all the time with no action ever taken.

Yet, when we resolve to do something, we have made a decision to make a change. It’s not something we are toying around with – it’s done in our minds.

What have you made resolutions about in 2010? Now, stop. Take a look at that list or go over it in your head. What do you have resolve about that will change – no matter what the cost? If you have that in mind, you see how life will be different at the end of 2010. If you cannot think of anything, you will end this year the same way as last year.

Ask God to change your resolutions into resolve.

  1. Kyle Gilbert on Friday 1, 2010

    Good thoughts. I’ve been very reflective about my goals this year and have them documented. That seems to be a big part of me building resolve into my life.


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