Life at Faith Promise is one big construction project that never ends. Honestly, every church that we have served at has built a building! In the 6 and a half years that we have been at FPC, we’ve been constructing something. Check out this list:

  • 2004-2005 – Student worship & staff office building
  • 2006 – One year of peace
  • 2007 – Parking Lot Expansion & Balcony Addition
  • 2008 – Lobby renovation, Preschool Modulars & Purchased 35 acres
  • 2009 – Office Renovations & Entrance Expansion (see some PDF’s here: FPC – Roadway Improvements 10-07-09 & Faith Promise One Way Entrance – for the nerds that like to see this stuff)

Confession: I love building projects. They are challenging and time consuming but give some amazing feelings of accomplishment. If your church plans on building something, let me know if I can help. Or, at least make sure that you find an architect that builds to church standards, not to code standards (the two are very different).

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