Last night I had the chance to do something that has only happened twice: I got to comb and blow dry my 2-year old daughters hair. Although that may not sound like a big deal, it really takes some major skills (how do you ladies deal with so much hair every day?). The more hair I tried to get through the comb, the more tangles I created. Can. you. say. frustrating?

In leadership, sometimes we create a lot of “tangles.” When we try to change things too quickly, we create “tangles.” When we try to change to many things at one time, we create “tangles.” There’s something I’ve noticed about tangles – getting them out can be painful! As I tried to comb them out, Madison said, “Ouch, Daddy!”

As you navigate leadership, beware of the “tangles.” They are easy to create but difficult and painful to get out (sometimes you have to cut them out).In my journey, “tangles” happen when –

  • I talk more than I listen.
  • I allow process to overshadow people.
  • My work plans me instead of me planning my work (I let urgency drive me).

What causes leadership “tangles” in your life?

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