Several months ago we were studying the average age of the staff at Faith Promise. It was surprising – the average age of the staff was 35 years old. Honestly, we thought that it would be lower than that when we began the process. So, why does it matter?

A few years ago I attended a denominational meeting and noticed something – I was one of only 20 people out of 3,000 under the age of 50. Seriously, it may have been better than that, but it was not much better. My thought: there are no young faces in the room. There is no influence over or input from the next generation. The people here have completely lost the next generation and they either do not know, do not care, or a combination of both.

As I left that meeting, it made me evaluate our church and staff. Are we attracting a portion of the next generation in our ministry? Does a portion of our staff reflect the next generation? Are the people who are serving a part of the next generation? If not, our church is going to die. Oh, it may not cease to exist for a long time, but it is going to die or is already dead.

Look around your office today. Is the next generation represented? If not, who are you mentoring? Who are you developing? Who are you taking to the next level? We want to prepare the next generation to lead our church and The Church. Are you doing your part?

  1. @chriswhill on Sunday 29, 2009

    This 26 year old in development says: “Thank you for valuing this philosophy”


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