A few years ago we were on our way to the Dallas area for a one-day workshop on stewardship. We were really looking forward to getting back to our old stomping grounds for a few days. After a great meal at Chili’s, we were ready to board the flight.

As we were boarding, my stomach began to rumble. As the wheels lifted up off the ground and the seat belt sign was turned off, I began to feel sick. I ran to the tiny porta-potty in the sky that they call restrooms on planes and began to puke my guts out. This is not a joke: I had blue stuff from the plane toilet on my jeans. I puked for about an hour when Kim began throwing up. It was horrible – we both puked in between handing our terrified 18-month old back and forth to each other.

Okay, so why do I share this? Steve and Beth were on that flight and watched this all happening. They were leaving in a few days for Africa as missionaries. But as they watched us, they felt compelled to help. Steve stayed with me (I was in a wheel chair) in the baggage claim area while Beth took Kim to get a rental car. They stayed with us until he had loaded the luggage in the car and they had sent us on our way to the hospital.

We have told this story to people over and over. We were so thankful that they would have done this for us. They didn’t know us. They didn’t have to stop. They could have gotten sick and missed their departure from the states.  BUT, they followed the leading of Christ.

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving and there are people like Steve and Beth all over the story of your life. Have you stopped and told them that you are thankful for them?

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