A few years ago when the TV show Heroes began to air, they started with the slogan, “Save the Cheerleader, Save the World.” For the first two seasons, they developed this plot that ultimately meant nothing as the show continued to morph into nothingness (yes, I am a recovering, bitter Heroes fan).

Last night as I talked with my father-in-law about so many things happening around the world, I was reminded of another “plot” that has morphed more and more into nothingness, even though it is the absolute core of the hope for our world.  The phrase that hit me:

Change the church, change the world.

Only through the Church (God’s people collectively) will the world ever be changed. Unfortunately, in so many expressions, the church has become an irrelevant entity that has little meaning instead of the growing, vibrant Bride of Christ that impacts the world for eternity.

I want to be (NO, I am) a part of a church that changes the world. I want you to be a part of a church that changes the world. How can I pray for your church?

  1. Chris Hill on Tuesday 24, 2009

    Sometimes I wonder if my part of the world even realizes that it needs to change. I guess a big part of making disciples is showing the world how to hear the voice of God. Without hearing his voice, there’s no chance of realizing our own depravity. Pray that my church will seek out the voice of God and teach others how to do the same.

  2. James N. on Tuesday 24, 2009

    I live in the middle of Minnesota where I am sorrounded by a Baskin Robin’s variety of “churches”. What ever your dennomination or even flavor of denomination, there is a church just around the corner. These churches all seem to be doing somewhat well. They have a faithfull following that shows up every Sunday and gives there tithes. But yet, in the middle of Minnesota, I am surrounded with some of the state’s worst drug problems, alcohol problems, and poverty problems. The churches keep creating more and more programming to reach those who haven’t heard the gospel, but what is the church DOING to help those who need to feel the gospel? I see the attendees of these churches putting their money in the offering plate and then on Saturday night slide their moeny across the bar and ask the same question; “Here is my money that I have worked hard for, can you fix me?”, and it causes me to ask church leaders, why do we in the church offer the false hope that we have the answers to help anybody when it is only Christ that can help them? I am more than will to aid and be there for those in need, but I know wiithout a doubt that I can do nothing without Christ. (I can do something with Christ or I can do nothing.) I ask that you pray that our churchesfall away from what they can do inside thier walls and fall deeply in love with how they can DO something greater outside thier four wall in thier communitees.
    I too am bitther about Heroes.


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