Life is full of firsts. Before we can even remember, we take our first steps. Then, we learn to ride our first bicycle without training wheels. We read our first book. We play our first sports.

When you become a parent, you relive all of the “firsts” with your kiddos. You see them roll over. They take their first steps. They are finally potty-trained. And, it seems that after no time at all, they are in school. And so it is with our four year old, Hayden. He started Pre-K this year and is having an absolute blast. In August, we experienced our first day of school with him and this past Wednesday we experienced our first teacher-parent conference.

It was awesome. We went to his room and sat in those tiny preschool chairs as we listened to Mrs. Stephanie talk about our little pride and joy. She told us about him, showed us the progress he is making, and even told us some funny stories about Hayden. It was a blast!

In our family, we love “firsts.” We’ll never forget our first trip to Disney with Hayden, followed by our first trip with Hayden and Madison. We always talk about our “firsts.”

What’s your favorite “firsts” memory?

  1. Nathan on Friday 13, 2009

    Mine is the first time I held both of my kids! I hope to never forget that!


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