In my life I have had some great friends. It’s been deeper than just casual relationships and many of my friends began while I was working on my master’s degree. Several of those guys are still close friends today. Then, when I came on staff at Faith Promise, I met some guys who have also become a part of that group of great friends.

Yesterday I was reading in a book that I am using to disciple a new believer. In looking at the “Discipline of Friendship,” Hughes recounts the story of David and Jonathan. It’s one of my favorites. These guys had an awesome friendship – look at this:

  • They were one in spirit (1 Samuel 18:1)
  • Jonathan loved David as himself (19:1)
  • He spoke well of David (19:4)
  • He helped David grow spiritually (23:16)

Then Hughes says this:

The deepest friendships have in common this desire to make the other person royalty. Disciplines of a Godly Man

Jonathan wanted David to be king. He had a passion to see David fulfill God’s dreams.

So, what about you? Do you have a passion to see your friends be royalty?

In other words, do you support them in such a way that they will succeed (and may even go further than you or get what you “deserve”)?

  1. David Lyons on Friday 6, 2009

    good stuff bro!


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