One of my frustrations in ministry has been finding someone who would mentor me. Even though we are about building the Kingdom, many people seem to busy to take a few minutes to help others overcome the barriers they face.

So, several months ago I partnered with the Partner’s in Church Consulting Coaching Network in an effort to help other Executive Pastor’s grow in staff development, facilities planning, growth strategies, and many other areas. Each meeting will take place on Friday – the first being January 8, 2010 – and we will meet for 6 months.

If you want some intensive help, you can register to be a part here.

  1. David J Antrican on Thursday 5, 2009

    For myself the frustration was admitting that I needed a mentor to help me in my journey. Although I had never really look, it just happened! But thats the great thing about GOD! Things just happen when we are not expecting them too. Somethimes things are presented to us and at that moment a choice is made. For me the choice was easy. My mentor shows me that there is another way and being a Christian male is rewarding. As he called me once, ” A tough guy on the outside and a sissy on the inside”. Well I ‘m working to change the outside to meet the inside. But to my mentor, thanks from my the deepest part of my heart!


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