In college, my sister dated a guy who was involved in some research studies. One of them dealt with sleep deprivation. It was hilarious to hear him tell stories about them giving him 3 minutes to sleep. Then, they would wake him up and make him take a test or do a puzzle. I remember laughing hearing about it.

Today, I again realized that I need 7-8 hours of sleep each night. If I do not get that, it’s bad news for everyone around! Honestly, I have always needed more sleep. However, today two of my staff members have accused me of getting to much sleep last night (and that is not a good thing).

How much sleep do you need each night?

  1. Aaron on Wednesday 4, 2009

    I LOVE sleep.

    If I could sleep for 10 hours, I think I’d be happy. I usually do with less than that, of course.

    There is the problem of over sleeping, though.

    7-8 hours and a nap in the middle of the day would be just as good.

  2. Chris Hill on Wednesday 4, 2009

    I usually get 7 and that feels about right. A nap is my worst enemy though. If my wife catches me falling asleep in the middle of the day on a Sat or Sun, she keeps me up and reminds me of the monster I become when waking from that nap. I wake up from naps looking/feeling like Nick Nolte’s mugshot.

  3. Amy on Wednesday 4, 2009

    LOL! You HAVE always needed sleep! Even I can remember as little kids, you would just head down the dark hallway and get into bed and go to sleep =) I think 5-6 hours is more than enough – anything more and you miss too much of the day!

  4. Josh on Wednesday 4, 2009

    @Aaron – funny!

    @Chris – I agree with the nap thing. Naps make me groggy and grumpy!

    @Amy – My sister knows me well!


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