This past weekend, over 5,300 people experienced the Sacred Storm: Home Invasion production or Pirates and Princesses, a production for kids. It was incredible! A few thanks go out to:

  • Our Worship Team and Volunteers – 1000’s of hours that were put in writing, practicing and producing the weekend.
  • Our Children’s Ministry Team and Volunteers – over 1400 preschoolers, children and volunteers were a part of Pirates and Princesses!
  • Our First Impressions Volunteers – who took care of parking, greeting, information and ushering throughout the weekend.
  • Our Staff Team – who can accomplish anything placed before them.

If you missed the production, get a copy from our FPResources team. It was a moving drama that challenged every aspect of faith and life.

Thanks to each of you for making this an awesome weekend!

  1. Deaf on Sunday 1, 2009

    How hard would it be to burn a few DVDs of the ASL version or to put the ASL version on the website the way the sermons/messages are? Saw the ASL version on iCampus last night and the camera work was good.


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