The word is Greek for “called.” The context: Jesus called Matthew, Andrew, Peter and others.

Kaleo is a ministry being launched by Chris Stephens, pastor of Faith Promise Church, as he seeks to re-invigorate pastors to the mission of the church. His goal is to walk with pastors to support and encourage them to make a difference for Christ in this world through their local church. Today he shared this with our staff:

Kaleo is about 3 things. First, we want to create continuity or resources that will launch pastors into a new passion for ministry. Second, we want to do conferences that will encourage pastors to excel in the ministry in which they were called. And last, we want to provide support for them as they make the changes necessary to impact this world for Christ.

So, on April 29, 2010, pastors from across the country will converge on Knoxville, TN for the first Kaleo conference. You will not want to miss it – PUT THE DATE ON YOUR CALENDAR NOW!

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