There are gaps in your relationships. No matter how careful you are, certain things creep in and create distance. One of the definitions of the word “gap” is

a problem caused by some disparity

That disparity may be from a lack of communication, a lack of performance, or a lack of credibility or integrity. But the gap begins to get wider and wider over time, especially if you do not confront the issues in a healthy way.

For two days, our staff team is working on trust. The initial analysis says that we have a very strong team, but even great teams need to be reminded of the issues that can cause them to stumble. Today, I realized through the exercises that we were filling or eliminating gaps that have formed over time. People were communicating with each other on a different level. We were speaking truth and life into each others lives. We were closing the gaps.

It makes the relationships feel fresh and new, and it gives us the chance to keep gaps from developing again. At some point we will get lazy and some will return. However, my goal is to make sure we have a culture that eliminates gaps in relationships.

Are you holding back from someone because of some disparity? Take time to close the gap – you’ll be glad that you did!

  1. Tom Conley on Tuesday 13, 2009

    Do some disparities develop from preceptions of importance? If one person is “more equal” than another, that sets the stage for a lack of communication, for example. If everyone is not recognized for the importance of their role to the success of the team then lots of weeds can grow (to borrow from recent sermons by Pastor Chris).

    This happens at home as well as at work.


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