Last week this prayer hit my mind:

Lord, help me cultivate my kids relationship with you and keep me from manipulating it.

Honestly, it is so much easier to manipulate some times and the progress seems to be so much greater. Manipulation is like food in the microwave: you can get things so much more quickly but they often do not taste as good as a well prepared meal.

When I manipulate a situation, I can often avoid difficult conversations. Growth appears to be much faster. Life seems to get better so much more quickly. But it is all really a mirage. Manipulation is a trap that will only lead to dissatisfaction in life and relationships. So, why do we choose it?

  • Cultivation takes time. When you place a seed in the ground, it does not spring up over night. Cultivating takes the right conditions that only happen over time.
  • Cultivation takes commitment. You cannot just leave something you are cultivating – you must care for it regularly.
  • Cultivation gets messy. When it rains to much, things rot! You make the life application.

In the lives of the people around, build a plan for cultivation. Don’t manipulate to get them where you want them or to accomplish your desires. Walk with them, and help them fulfill the desires of their heart.

What’s your tendency – cultivation or manipulation?

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