The humility of a leader can partially be measured by their willingness to receive feedback.

Our church is so blessed to have a leader that is willing to listen. Chris Stephens, the Senior Pastor of Faith Promise Church, is a great guy to work with. If your pastor needs a mentor or coach, you should have them reach out to Chris – it will be a learning experience.

As a leader, you should strive to stay ahead of two people or groups of people: your boss and the people you are leading. Recently, I heard the dreaded words that I work not to hear from our Pastor: “I wish you would have told me that 4 weeks ago.” My mind began to race, my stomach hurt a little and I felt horrible – but all I could say was, “I’m sorry.” He was frustrated with me because I had not given feedback on a particular topic — sooner!

If you are a leader, do you desire to have feedback? Do you want others to speak into your life? If you do not, then you are probably not very humble and you are likely not going to be very effective. In an effort to help people feel valued, LISTEN. Seek out what they are thinking and allow them to have access into your life.

Has your boss challenged you recently? What did they say and what did you learn?

  1. Aaron on Friday 18, 2009

    My boss challenges me quite often. I love feedback and criticism (preferably the constructive kind)! I know what I am capable of accomplishing, but sometimes I make decisions that negatively impact that capability. That is why I appreciate my boss bringing it to my attention and helping me get back on the path of accomplishment. I seek out criticism from my boss often and he knows he can say anything.

    The problem I believe for so many people is that they make criticism a personal attack on themselves instead of an attempt by someone to help them be better at what they are trying to do. If I receive criticism, I view it as someone giving me their observation of my decision making and not a personal attack on me. Why would I not want a person to provide me with that observation?

    I truly believe that before someone can be a great leader they have to learn to follow. After all, being a great leader in the church is simply being a great follower of Christ, right?

  2. Josh on Friday 18, 2009

    @Aaron – I think that “they make criticism a personal attack on themselves” is a great word. We have to receive criticism, not defend ourselves from it. Great.

  3. julie on Friday 18, 2009

    I like Randy Pausch’s (the guy who did the Last Lecture) statement. I’m paraphrasing because I don’t want to get up to look it up but….’when people stop giving you feedback then they just don’t care about you anymore and that’s a scary to place to be. They just don’t think you have to potential to get better.’ Ouch!

  4. Pete Wilson on Friday 18, 2009

    Great post Josh.

  5. Josh on Friday 18, 2009

    @Julie – Great quote! WOW – that is strong.

    @Pete – thanks!


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