This is a busy time at Faith Promise – the good kind of busy. There are so many things that I am getting to work on that will impact the future of our ministry. Here’s a glimpse into what’s happening:

  • Construction: I am currently looking on two projects. First, the next phase of our campus is under revision. We are looking at some cool ways to save money but not compromise the integrity of the facility. It’s going to be awesome – can’t wait for the staff and church to see this. Second, we are going to change our entrance and egress patterns in and out of the campus. I’m meeting with county to fast-track this tomorrow.
  • 15th Anniversary: Our leadership team is considering how to celebrate the 15th anniversary of the church which comes in February 2010. That’s going to be an exciting month!
  • Senior Team Retreat: We get away for our major retreat in September to make preparations for 2010. This year there is so much happening that it is difficult to make an agenda that we can cover in 3 days!
  • 2010 Growth Challenges: Although we will launch our first multi-site venue in 201o, we have some major growth challenges to continue to reach people next year. We are considering some creative solutions to keep reaching people for Christ. It’s really making us think because we are moving past capacity during our optimal hours!

Seriously, I love my job! Our Pastor makes doing ministry more fun than I could ever imagine. At the same time, he makes us face the challenges head-on and overcome there. He’s a great leader!

What are you working on in your job or ministry?

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