I hate to even write this post, but it had to be done! Even though our No. 1 team is LSU, we went out as a family today to support our No. 2 team, the UT Vols. Let’s take the photo and video journey.

The whole family had to wear the orange and white.

Ready for the UT Game
We made it inside for the pregame excitement and the “Pride of the Southland” Marching Band. That ended with the team storming out for Lane Kiffin’s first time.

Kim and Hayden had a great time and Madison played with her Disney Princesses when she wasn’t saying, “Dat guy fell with the football.”

Kim and Hayden

Madison with the Princesses

We made it until a little before Halftime and on the ride home, Hayden fell asleep.

Worn out

College Football really is the best (even if it isn’t LSU)!

  1. Mike Biddle on Saturday 5, 2009

    Hey man were you sitting near Michele and PC? I hear someone say hey Mike and turn around and Michele is two rows behind me with PC! Small world.

    I told you about the conversion process here in TN. lol 🙂
    Maybe cannot convert you to a Vol fan but the kids are 90 percent chance! At Lotts Elementary kids were ordered to wear orange Friday haha.



  2. Darla on Saturday 5, 2009

    Oh No trust me you can over come the urge to go orange. Be strong Josh Be strong!!!

  3. Josh on Saturday 5, 2009

    @Darla – Funny!

    @Mike – We were all in purple at church Saturday night! 😉


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