Tomorrow we are beginning a 3-month journey growing in trust with one another and as an organization. Honestly, I think our team trusts each other and works well together. But as the church grows so rapidly, it seemed like God nudged me to have us work in this area.

Dan Novak of Leadership Strategies Group is going to be our navigator for the next few months. We are going to have fun and create an environment that is similar to The Apprentice with teams working on projects to improve areas of our ministry and develop trust across ministries. They will each have a budget, make a presentation and the best solution will be rewarded. I can’t wait!

Teams require maintenance. Even the best team needs to practice together and spend time in training camp. If your team is not spending some time focusing on specific needs, you are going to hit the wall. Build into your team – they are God’s people that He has entrusted to you!

We’re working on trust right now. What is your team working on?

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