This past weekend Kyle Gilbert, Pastor of Communications at Faith Promise launched the iCampus on the iPhone. It was amazing and I wanted to take a minute to brag on Kyle a little. We’ve been friends for almost 10 years and last year we realized that as a ministry we needed to take a leap in our web presence in multiple areas. I called and asked him if he would pray about the position. He and Keri came out to visit and loved the church, the area, and made the move to serve with us in October.

Since that time, Kyle, Heather, and a team of volunteers have:

  • Re-launched the Faith Promise Website
  • Improved our branding, social networking and visual presence
  • Created an FPC leaders website to improve ministry communication
  • Launched the iCampus (internet campus)
  • Launched the ASL iCampus
  • Launched the iCampus for the iPhone

These are major ministry things and do not include his day-to-day responsibilities and leadership. Honestly, iHave no clue about how any of these things work, but they have helped our ministry connect more people to Christ. Each week more and more people are coming to know Christ online! Kyle has done a great job. We have an amazing staff team!

Here are some pictures from my iPod touch this past weekend. Where is your ministry taking leaps in technology?

  1. Kyle on Tuesday 18, 2009

    Dude, that was so nice. Thanks for creating an atmosphere where this kind of stuff can happen so quickly. You’ve really been awesome at removing barriers and empowering me on decisions. I love working with you guys!

    Love you, bro!


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