Recently, Lamar Slay of Partners in Church Consulting contacted me about leading part of a coaching network that begins in October.  He has put together some of the greatest church leaders in the United States, creating the PCC Coaching Network to coach in these areas: senior pastor, executive pastor, small groups, multi-site, children’s ministry, students/college, marketing/branding and worship. You can read his thoughts about it here.

There are amazing people like Dino Rizzo, Chris Hodges, Mike Buster, Barry St. Clair, and Kendra Fleming as a part of the team. I will be leading a group in the Executive Pastor track and it is going to be a blast!

If you know of anyone who is looking for some coaching and is willing to travel to Knoxville 6 times, I would be glad to help them out (and the first time they will be here is during the fall color!). They can become a part of the group by going to the registration page. I really cannot wait for this to begin!

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