Every week we have the chance to work with awesome volunteers in our ministry. The church, unlike almost any other organization relies on volunteers to accomplish the work that has to be done throughout the week and weekend. This year alone at FPC, almost 300 people have connected with a ministry and are serving, mostly through a ministry tool we use called volLink.

But I have noticed more and more that volunteers are often trained to perform a task while we neglect to teach them some of the basics. So, I hope this acrostic helps as you train volunteers.

  • G-et there early. If you are scheduled to serve, get there early. Always running late affects the team (and if you can always run late, you should be able to figure out how to get there earlier).
  • R-ecruit others into the ministry. Leverage your influence from the beginning to get others involved who share your heart and passion. Talk about your ministry in your small group and find out if others are serving.
  • E-valuate the fit. If the ministry is not a fit for you, let the leader know and try something else. Don’t be miserable serving Him!
  • A-lign with the ministry vision. Serve and gain credibility before presenting your “Top 10 Things to Change in the Ministry” list. Let the leader know your heart and commitment first.
  • T-rain those around you who are new to the ministry. Everyone one can teach someone else something. If you have been serving for a while, offer to train others. It will be a huge help to the ministry leader.

Serving is a huge part of our walk with Christ. I love what Paul told Timothy:

And the special gift of ministry you received when I laid hands on you and prayed—keep that ablaze! 2 Timothy 1:6, The Message

You have received a special gift to serve Him with – keep it on fire! Be the greatest volunteer that you can be through serving and honoring Him. It will make a difference for eternity!

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