This weekend at Faith Promise we launch our ASL iCampus. Kyle Gilbert, Pastor of Communications at FPC, had a vision to reach the deaf community. With over 2-million deaf people in the US and only 7% attending church, he felt that we had to do something. Since we already provided sign-language interpretation at one of our services, Kyle began working to provide that as a new service on our internet campus. He and Matt James, Video Director at FPC have worked tirelessly over the past month to finalize the project to launch this weekend on Sunday, August 9.

ASL iCampus

If you want to help us get the word out, you can blog or introduce into your social networks to the site, We are already using Facebook, Twitter, and Google Adwords to get the word out as well.

I believe that the key to impacting the world for Christ today is reaching unreached people groups. We often want to focus on Africa, India or Asia (and I am committed to those countries personally), but the deaf community in our country is totally unreached.

Will you help us get the word out? Let me know if you will and please pray for this Sunday at 10 & 11:45am EST as we begin the first services.

  1. Kyle on Friday 7, 2009

    Hey, I totally forgot to mention Brad Roberts, who has played one of the biggest roles in this project by restructuring our iCampus to accomodate the new video stream. Thanks, Brad!

    I’m so excited to kick this off this weekend!

  2. Josh on Friday 7, 2009

    No doubt – Brad is one of those guys that every church wished they had 1,000 of!

  3. Rebecca Farnham on Friday 7, 2009

    You guys are amazing!! Praying for God’s power to fill, unite and ignite!
    Thanks for all you do!

  4. Josh on Friday 7, 2009

    Rebecca, you have been a huge part of that vision. I’m grateful for your leadership in our ministry!

  5. April Lindsay on Friday 7, 2009

    When Rebecca and I first met, we were stunned to find out that each of us (and others) had been praying quietly for a deaf ministry at FPC for over a year. We both knew God had big plans for the Deaf in Knoxville and the surrounding counties at FPC. Never in a million years did I think it would be this big! I never cease to be amazed at God’s ability to take something out of nothing and create something this awesome! God is so good! Thank you Rebecca for your time, patience and willingness to serve. Kyle, thanks for your vision as well. Matt, thanks for your willingness to help. Josh, thank you so much for your help and understanding as well as being our champion for the Deaf. Thanks for your willingness to listen to us and for being the voice of those who can’t hear. All praise be to God! Without Him working through all of you, this vision could not have been possible.

  6. Rebecca Farnham on Friday 7, 2009

    God is leading all of this through the Holy Spirit, but I am grateful to be a part of the hands and feet of Jesus through His guidance and the indwelling of the body of Christ!

  7. robbie perry on Friday 7, 2009

    has anyone contacted tenn. school for the deaf here in knoxville, and can we get some cards with info. on them to pass out? I know a guy at arbys on chapman hwy. named chester that i would love to tell but i cant comunicate with him very well. i see alot of people signing around knoxville and i think that makes it alot easier to identify people that need to be reached …..the odds are they need a church if you look at the number of unchurched deaf…..thanks alot for all you folks do…..I am always amazed by how God uses fp

  8. Josh on Friday 7, 2009

    We are working on all of this and hope to have it done soon – thanks for thinking about it!

  9. Josh on Friday 7, 2009

    Thanks April. Excited to see what God is going to do!


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