For those of you who may not know, I like twitter. It gives me a chance to keep up with people and ministries that I care about without actually being there. And, there are tons of great links to articles that are available via twitter if you follow the right people. It’s great to see pictures of people, their families and to read the funny things that people say.

However, the biggest reason I HATE twitter is the “direct message.” Honestly, they should call it the not so direct direct message because if your spacing is off with the “d” then you have just shared something that was to be direct with millions upon millions of people. At least if you send something stupid via text it may only go to the wrong person. But not with twitter – it goes on your public time line never to be removed!

So, I created a rule that I only direct message if the content doesn’t matter. There is to much room for a mistake (a missing space between the “d”, the users name, and your message means that your private conversation just went global). If your are sending me something confidential, text me or email me. You will save yourself a lot of headaches!

What’s the worst thing that you have direct messaged on twitter and wished you could have back?

  1. Mike Biddle on Friday 31, 2009

    There seems to be some misinformation going around your office regarding being able to delete tweets.

    If you want to delete a tweet, click the trash can…… and delete it.

  2. Josh on Friday 31, 2009

    Yeah – my point is once it is in my application, you can’t delete it out. It’s public to everyone whose app picks it up!

  3. Mike Biddle on Friday 31, 2009

    Oh you are referring to cached tweets on the local device. Those will go away too with time.

    I agree with what you are saying. Generally speaking confidential stuff should not be shared electronically via e-mail, wireless phone, voice mail, etc. People are naive and gullible about what technology’s safety.

    On a related topic,I had someone send me a text message that was intended for someone else and it caused a little embarrassment for the sender. I think this happens pretty frequently with e-mail.

  4. Chris Hill on Friday 31, 2009

    It’s even worse when you unfollow someone from a mobile device and get the spacing wrong. I’ve never done it, personally, but I’ve seen others do it by mistake.


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